Optimization Benchmarking

Examples Data Sets

06 May 2016

We now have a page for example data sets. This page provides examples, including raw data, meta data, and evaluation configurations for download. Moreover, it is structured in a way so that these examples can automatically be downloaded and installed by using the documentation-examples-loader project (which, in turn, is used in the evaluator-gui). In other words, our GUI now has a form allowing you to directly download and install examples in your local directory. You can then run the example evaluations to get to know our system.

For starters, we provide the following two examples

  1. Maximum Satisfiability Problem (combinatorial)
  2. Black-Box Optimization Benchmarking (numerical)

Providing many examples from many different domains in the future will help us demonstrate the utility and versatility of our software.

Later, we added an example for the Traveling Salesman Problem, as discussed here.

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