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Release 0.8.5: Pre-Alpha

10 May 2016

Just now, we provide the first release of our software: 0.8.5, the “Pre-Alpha” version. This release is not for productive use. It is functional, however, and can serve as first demo of what our software can do. It comes in two flavors:

  1. evaluator/GUI
  2. evaluator/CLI

The GUI is a stand-alone server providing a web-based interface for managing your experimental data, creating meta data, and running the evaluator.

The CLI, i.e., the command line interface, is a only the pure evaluator component to be executed manually.

Both software come as stand-alone jars and you can run them via java -jar evaluatorGui.jar (in case of the GUI) and java -jar evaluator.jar in case of the evaluator.

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Contact: Dr.  Thomas Weise, http://www.it-weise.de, tweise@ustc.edu.cn